Flatbed transports are the perfect choice for convenient, quick and safe transport of a multitude of goods. Weyma offers the optimum conditions for your logistics of waste, waste paper, building materials, steel and more in the area of curtainsider trailers and beds. In short: we can transport anything that will fit under a canvas.


Our fleet of curtainsider transports offers optimum convenience for loading and unloading. One of our curtainsider transports is provided with a portable forklift so the right loading equipment is available on-site.


The curtainsider transports in Weyma’s fleet protect the freight from precipitation, wind and other external influences. Thus, you can trust that your transport goods are perfectly protected and will arrive at their destination in the best of condition.
Additionally, the trailers certified with the code XL so that nothing stands in the way of smooth transport.


If unloading points are difficult to access for a transport vehicle, which can be the case on construction sites or in narrow streets, for example, an on-board forklift is a real problem solver. With its small turning circle, it is mobile and ready for use quickly, even where space is limited.
In addition, the driver is able to load and unload the freight on his/her own using the transportable forklift, and without being affected by waiting times. If a truck-mounted forklift is part of the transport assignment, customers do not have to make any arrangements for unloading and the delivery can be set down flexibly and quickly where the consignee needs it.

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