Feedstuff transport

Transport consignments in accordance with the FCA standard

The FCA standard (Feed Chain Alliance) created particularly reliable certification specifically aimed at the pet food sector. It evaluates the quality of feed production, the further processing of the feedstuff as well as the marketing, storage and, of course, transportation of the same. The FCA standard is managed by OVOCOM, a Belgian non-profit platform for quality assurance for the pet food sector throughout the entire production and logistics chain. Weyma Transport has certificates for the transport of feedstuff in accordance with the FCA standard (equivalent to GMP+). As an internationally recognised standard, the GMP+ standard (Good Manufacturing Practices) also ensures that feedstuff safety is guaranteed throughout the entire supply chain.

What we offer you:

Weyma Transport provides you with an optimally equipped and modern vehicle fleet to transport a wide variety of feedstuffs flexibly, quickly and safely. You can also count on specially trained drivers and specialist staff to carry out the transport for you in compliance with GMP+ and FCA standards.

Waste transport

Transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

When it comes to the transportation of non-hazardous waste, we at Weyma Transport are also there to help you. We are a registered business for DE, BE, NL (NIWO), LU and FR for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste, with our vehicles marked accordingly for such assignments in accordance with the EU Waste Framework Directive. If the transportation of hazardous waste is required, you can also contact us, and we will check out the transport project for you according to the classification of the hazardous waste.

What we offer you:

As a partner for transportation of your waste, we have a large, specially equipped, company-owned fleet of vehicles at our disposal to assist you.

ADR transport

Dangerous goods transport on request

The transportation of dangerous goods is, of course, subject to strict regulations, which is self-evident regarding the properties that pose particular harm and danger to the environment. The ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route), i.e. the European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road, created special requirements in this regard. These include packaging, load securing and the labelling of dangerous goods. We at Weyma Transport also have certification for the transport of dangerous goods in compliance with the ADR standard and can take care of your dangerous goods transport on request.

What we offer you:

We have our own fleet of excellently equipped transport vehicles and specially trained drivers and specialist staff to guarantee the careful handling of your dangerous goods transport in BE, NL, LU, DE and FR in strict compliance with the relevant statutory provisions.

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