The Walking-Floor from the Weyma fleet is equipped with a hydraulically driven, movable floor, making it easy to transport both individually packaged as well as bulk goods.
We ensure optimal transportation of waste, aluminium, pellets, fertiliser, animal feed as well as pallets, big bags and much more with the Walking-Floor.


The Walking-Floor offers particularly flexible application options for a wide variety of goods to be transported as well as an extremely high load volume of 92 m3. With the Walking-Floor, the trailer does not have to be tilted thanks to the hydraulically driven floor, which means that it is particularly ideal for loose bulk loads in low-ceilinged halls and buildings. It can be loaded and unloaded easily and without any problems from the ramp through the rear door or from above, e.g. where a front loader is used.


When transporting waste with the Walking-Floor, you can rely on Weyma to have all the necessary permits and you can also count on GMP certification when transporting animal feed. On request, it is also possible to transport various ADR goods. To summarise, the Walking-Floor offers you an efficient transport option with a lot of flexibility.

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